Skyview club
Fox Valley tradition since the early 30's
Menu 1
Carry Outs Available                              Call (920) 766-1236

Onion Rings $4.95
Cream cheese Jalapeno poppers $5.75
Mozzarella Sticks $5.25
Breaded deep fried mushrooms $4.75
Sweet corn nuggets $4.75
Broccoli cheddar bites $5.25
Cheese curds $4.95
Shrimp Cocktail $8.95
Egg rolls $7.75
Veggie combo basket $7.50
Mozz sticks, cheese curds, broccoli, cauliflower, onion rings and mushrooms

             Skyview Clubs Famous
                 Broasted Chicken
                               Not available on Fridays
                    All Chicken dinners served with cole slaw,
              cranberries, dinner roll and your choice of potato

4 Piece dinner $8.25
4 piece dinner all white meat $9.50
4 piece dinner all dark meat $7.75
2 piece dinner all white meat $7.00
2 piece dinner all dark meat $5.75
Chicken tenders with fries $6.75
Chicken nuggets with fries $6.75
13-14oz Broasted Pork Chop $11:95 Not Served on Fridays or Sundays
Chicken Oscar $11.95 Topped with fresh asparagus, crab meat and hollandaise sauce. Not served on Sundays

  Kids Menu
Chicken Tenders with fries $4.95
Chicken nuggets with fries $4.95
Mini corn dogs with fries $4.95
Mac & cheese with fries $4.95
Grilled cheese sandwich with fries $4.95

Not available on Sundays
Perch deep fried $14.95
Pan fried or Deep fried Walleye Pike $15.95
Haddock Baked or deep fried $13.95
Haddock Oscar $14.50
Asparagus, crab meat and hollandaise
Haddock Supreme $14.50
onions peppers and cheese sauce
Scallops deep fried $14.95 pre breaded
Scallops Diver Caught $18.95 hand beaded
Shrimp Deep fried $12.95
Marinated Shrimp Skewer $1295
Frog Legs deep fried $1295
Seafood Plate $17.25
Perch,scallops,haddock,shrimp and frog legs
Grilled Norwegian Salmon $16.25

Steaks and Ribs
Served with soup or salad and your
choice of potato
Steaks and Ribs are served Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

12 oz Ribeye $16.25
7oz Tenderloin $15.25
7 oz Bacon wrapped Tenderloin $17.50
7oz Jack Daniels Béarnaise Tenderloin $17.25
12oz Jack Daniels Béarnaise Ribeye $18.25
Barbeque Pork Ribs 1/2 rack$16.25 

Full Rack of Ribs $19.25
Tenderloin Oscar $18.25
Toped with fresh asparagus, crab meat and hollandaise sauce
Prime Rib Served on Saturdays and Wednesdays only
Queen Cut $16.25
King Cut $19.25
Combo any steak with
3 deep fried shrimp $5.95
3 deep fried Perch $6.95
3 deep fried Scallops $6.95
5oz Baked Haddock $5.95

       Burgers and Sandwiches
                 All sandwiches include your choice of FF,
                          coleslaw, or cottage cheese
                   Substitute onion rings, cottage fries, ranch fries,
                             curly fries or soup for &1.00

1/3 lb Hamburger $7.25
1/3 lg Bacon Cheeseburger $8.75
1/3 lb Mushroom & Swiss Burger &8.50
Grilled Chicken fillet $7.75
Smothered grilled chicken fillet $8.50
served with sauteed onions, mushrooms and swiss cheese.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $4.95
BBQ Pork sandwich $7.75
French Dip Sandwich $8.75
French Dip supreme $10.75
Hot Beef Sandwich $7.75

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